The Outreach committee is responsible for recruiting new members for IEEE USC and maintaining our community through social events. We also work closely with USC Viterbi and the surrounding LA community to support all their efforts and build connections. 


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studEE sessions


The Outreach committee regularly holds StudEE sessions targeted towards providing underclassmen in-person guidance from IEEE upperclassmen for exams, homework, or general advice. The sessions are purposefully designed to create a studious, yet friendly environment where students can feel comfortable to ask questions to their classmates and also get work done. Often refreshments are provided as well as peer support


voluntEEr opportunities


Several volunteer opportunities are available through the Outreach Committee. USC IEEE has many community outreach events throughout the year both independently and with other engineering clubs. One annual event, organized by USC Viterbi, is MESA Day, when K-12 students participating in the MESA program from underrepresented populations come onto campus to participate in fun, engineering-focused activities. IEEE will lead an electrical engineering project that can be completed by all ages, for instance LED flowers or snap circuits. This event can really be meaningful as volunteers get to directly interact with and guide the young students. 


bEEch bonfire

One of our signature events is the annual bEEch bonfire we hold with UCLA. Both school’s IEEE organizations get together for a fun evening on the beach in order to develop the relationship between us and our rival. We enjoy burgers and s’mores as we play games and get to know each other until sunset. 


welcome back EEvents

Every year at the beginning of fall semester, the Outreach committee hosts a series of welcome back events including a BBQ and ice cream social to introduce new students to our organization. We help bring new freshmen and transfer students together as part of the ECE family. This annual event always excites both new and old members as we kick off the year eating and relaxing while getting to see our friends again. 


virtual EEvents

We have also pivoted to hosting virtual events for the past year. As we move to a hybrid model, we will work towards finding a balance between in-person and virtual volunteering and social opportunities.

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